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519 keer bezocht sinds 20 Juni 2016, 09:06
Naam Poweradd Poweradd
Geboortedatum 14-2-1993
Leeftijd 25
Woonplaats http://www.ipoweradd.com, Belgi

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'First Made in India power banks to be sold for Re 1'

Geplaatst 13 Juli 2016, 05:34

First Made in India power banks to be sold for Re 1 SUICH, one of the mobile original equipment manufacturer (OEM) companies, has launched the first "Made in India" low-price and stylish power banks. The colourful power banks are available in three variants -- 5000mAh, 7500mAh and 10,000mAh capacity. The power banks will be available in the "Re 1 Flash Sale" with an exclusive tie-up with mobile payment platform Paytm that begins December 21. "The new range of power banks are better than Chinese products which are available in the market. It is a fully safe user-friendly and affordable product," said Gunnit Singh, managing director, SUICH industries, in a statement on Thursday. These devices are made of VO flame - a retardant shell for safety of the users. The body is made from a super skin friendly material for comfortable handling and comes with a high-performance charging cable. The first product will be available at Re 1 through the flash sale with Paytm while other customers will get a Wrist Power band (fastest charging cable) worth Rs 499 free of cost. After the "Re. 1 flash sale", the product will be available at a launch price of Rs.649 for 5,000mAh, Rs.799 for 7500mAh and Rs.999 for 10,000mAh. The power banks are available in red, yellow, blue, black and white colours.

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